DC Knights of Columbus Training & Resource Portal

The Knights of Columbus provides a multitude of training resources for its councils leaders. Please bookmark this page and visit it often to access relevant trainings for you as a council leader.

New Training Opportunities

Forms and the Supreme website

Wednesday 11/9/22 at 8PM ET


Many councils have been struggling with where and how to fill out the forms on the Supreme website. Where do we find them? How do we fill them out? Who can fill out the online forms? Who has access? Lots of questions to go through and we will get the answers together.

Council Growth

Monday 11/14/22 at 8PM ET


The presentation will help Fraternal leaders resolve to leave councils, parish, and community better than how they found it. Leaders should also learn how to develop a simple, specific, year-round plan in place for growing council membership, that involves participation from the whole council. Attendees should commit to work with their pastor(s), field agent, and DD to accomplish their goals. Leaders should understand the importance of hosting regular ceremonials, incorporating recruitment into every event, and running membership drives