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If you are interested in helping those in need, serving your community, growing in your faith, or having access to top-rated insurance protection for your family, then the Knights of Columbus is for you.

We are a band of brothers, a network of men in communities around the world dedicated to doing good in the service of God and our neighbor.

The District of Columbia is home to over 20 councils that serve almost every parish in the District as well as 3 college campuses.

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2023 Supreme Convention

This past August, the DC Knights of Columbus were well represented at the 2023 Supreme Convention in Orlando, FL. The annual event brings together brother knights and their families from all around the world. Here are some highlights from the Convention! “Pope Francis has said ‘every Christian is a missionary’. This must include all 2 […]

“To be Good Samaritans”

“To be Good Samaritans” is the theme of the administration of our State Deputy, Chris Pierno. It offers us an opportunity to look always further beyond self. Consider the story of the “Good Samaritan” (Lk. 10:25-37).  Jesus presents his listeners with a story that was shocking to their ears. The people prior to the Samaritan […]